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    Medical-Rep is a web application that plays an important role in the pharmaceutical industry, generates information about Daily Plans, Reports for Doctors, Chemists, Pharmacies, and Stocks of Samples/Gifts with Field Force.

    Medical-Rep will save you from filling up long messy forms repeatedly and mailing multiple copies to the corporate office, re-entering the forms in another application
    Medical-Rep is a powerful communication tool to manage all aspects inside any pharmaceutical company; it helps pharmaceutical Companies to Plan, Track & Measure their Sales Territory performance.
    Medical-Rep acts as a tool to keep the Medical Reps, Supervisors and the Managers informed about who is act in the company with best performance with statistics, also allow managers to know what the market needs and how to distribute products with best utilization?
    Medical-Rep is accessible online thru web browsers, tablets and mobiles etc., to insure that you can access your system anytime, anywhere.