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    FFS (Freight forwarding system)
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    FFS (Freight forwarding system) is an advanced web-based application that automates freight forwarding companies’ business. It can be hosted on company’s server or on the cloud. It serves different departments such as sales, operation, customer service (billing) and accounting (general ledger). It helps management to efficiently control business from anywhere. It is designed for a multiple users with multilingual features and multi-theme switcher on a network environment so you don’t have a need for VPN connection or remote desktop to access to your account. It allows users to access their account from any company branch. FFS comes with useful tools and services to implement a complete freight forwarding workflow solution.

    It helps administrators to manage users’ permissions and adjust system configurations. It helps management to track overdue clients, sales performance, profit margins and sales forecasting. FFS provides shippers a facility to track their shipments’ and cargos’ status and locations through your company’s website.