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    Product Name
    Nutrition Platform
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    Food and Beverage
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    1000   Year
    Web , Cloud
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    A dynamic platform for consumers who want to lose weight, live healthier and search reliable information about diet in general

    Main features:
    Food Planer: A helpful tool to get suggestions with the foods and recipes to fit the need calories for the body need which has been defined before when the user provide his values.
    Food Protocol: scenario your day for certain date is described through defining the food have been eaten in that day for each meal, and the sports have been exercised in that day also, in addition to the weight u was on that date.
    Evaluate Recipe: Availability to share knowledge about some known recipes that helped the user in his fitness program and may help other and he/she want to share with others. - Add a name and adescrition for this recipe
    Manage Food: Enter details of this food (Fats, Fibers, Protein, ..etc).
    Other supported tools such as: My Values, My Preferences , My Calender, My Progress, Manage Sports.