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    ForEach IT Logistics
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    ForEach IT
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    This product is a web enabled software that controls and manages the custom clearance process of companies working in public and private free zones. The program is developed in tolerance with the rules and policies of GAFI (General Authority for Investment) to control the import and export operations for air and sea shipments.
    * It acts as a SaaS (software as a service) product to enable the company to add a new client anytime with its own data.
    * And the system is using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology in products tagging and scanning to compare actual shipped items with those ordered ones to increase the accuracy, quality and speed of receiving and checking all shipments’ items in order to reduce time and cost.
    RFID technology is so much stronger and more effective than barcodes.
    Benefits of RFID:
    * RFID enabled systems have the ability to locate products, read & write data within an area of 100+ meter without the need of searching and locating the product position to scan the barcode which is really heavy task in large shipments.
    * It reads bulk of items one time not one by one as in barcode systems, this partially or completely eliminates time and effort required for counting while loading/unloading the items.
    * There are also tons of benefits in stores management just like:
    (1) RFID-tagged products will allow stores to track the location and count of inventories in real time. This will better monitor demand for certain products and place orders to prevent an out-of-stock situation.
    (2) Using RFID enabled Systems gives a total visibility of product movement in the supply chain. This may help to make early decisions about inventory control in case there is any interruption in the supply..
    (3) Using RFID enabled systems gives exact count and location of items. This will help to follow a certain issuing policies for items as per the requirements. E.g.: First-in-first-out (FIFO) policy or last-in-first-out (LIFO) ... etc.
    (4) Reduced inventory shrinkage as items are continuously monitored, Inventory shrinkages including thefts, misplacement of items can be avoided using RFID technology.
    (5) Improves sort/pick rate: In a warehouse, sorting/picking activity is more time consuming and subjected to errors. For example, for issuing of items from a store, a person has to find out whether the item is available in store or not by physically moving to the location. Items issued should be kept in a particular position (bar-code upward) in a pallet for scanning/billing purposes. RFID systems ease the sorting and picking operations, as it captures real-time, accurate information about product availability in host computer database without physical movement. RFID tags are read via radio frequencies therefore it is not mandatory to place the items in a particular position to read it. This could be helpful for effective warehouse management