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    Intelligent Medical Fraud Detection and Prevention System
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    1. Saving the country economy by catching and eliminating the frauds in insurance industry.
    2. Instant Medical Fraud Prediction and Prevention using machine learning and data mining models.
    3. Building Medical Fraud Detection Engine that catches and classifies different kinds of fraudulent threats based on pre-defined criterion (Rule-Based Detection).
    4. Providing the Insurance Fraud Unit an Actionable Information through interactive interface. This allows taking different types of actions against the caught fraudulent threats.
    5. Sending immediate notifications to concerned parties whenever an action is taken by fraud unit against any Medical Provider or Patient.
    6. Providing advanced reports and analytics about the fraudulent transactions.
    7. Providing the insurance underwriter a Fraud Score for any new/renew policy based on similar customer charactersics and demograhphics using data mining technology.

    * Price shown is for the core basic modules. Extra costs are applied for advanced modules and also subject to change depends on the companies sizes.