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    Feedback 360
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    10   Month
    Web , Cloud
    Company Store
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    Project aims to help decision makers to take best decisions depending on trade-off analysis and methodologies
    Strength Points
    • Ability to select different kind of surveys including Ask about Decision/Offer/Solution/Suggestion/Employee Performance/Specific Activity.
    • Fully customized – Administrator/Survey Owner have the ability to customize email templates that will be used in invitations, and also the ability to customize the generated report from the system.
    • Multi Language UI.
    • Capable of integration with other HRMS/IS.
    • It can act as TM (Talent Management) system.
    • Ability to ask for feedback from external sources, such as customers and suppliers or other interested stakeholders.
    • Empowers employees at all levels to manage their own performance and growth.
    • Provides the ability to request anonymous feedback.
    • Enables managers to request feedback about their reports from others, either in preparation for a review or outside of a review process.