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    DL-Archiving software
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    Real Estate
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    The DL-Archive “ Document Management Software Suite” and its components are offered in a local server-based solution, allowing you the flexibility of local ownership or subscription access from anywhere.
    Secure login based access to your organizations for document management, collaboration, email archiving and compliance, knowledge management, customized remarks and records retention

    DataLink system for electronic archiving is a computer system used to manage documents in order storage and recall of electronic documents or images of paper documents and keep multiple versions of which are handled through data security and powers of the users on it. And is encoded digital documents saved Bmslslat to use Albarkwood This includes the electronic images and documents, and images are saved documents and also striking roses and Alaksil and bidis F and saved within Microsoft databases MS-SQL SERVER. And the system is designed to chambers of commerce and factories and service companies, and is a document management system is part of concerning the affairs of financial management enterprise content management systems and integrates with Bmalomah document within the documentary cycle type and Human Resources to archive the rationale for the appointment and linked php employee, as well as archiving insurances and receipts models taxes in addition to the existence of a special session archive meetings and resolutions of the Board of Directors and members Affairs and workflow of movement issued and Ward systems and system characteristics that works to manage and secure and share information within the organization