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    B-Force Work Flow Management
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    1000   License
    Web , Mobile , Cloud
    Company Store
    Business Force
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    workflow automation and business process management tools that can shoot your productivity through the roof, while eliminating the need to perform routine tasks manually. The system is industry independent and can be used to establish, standardize, and monitor processes and workflows in any department of your company.
    employee self-service tools that not only drastically decrease HR department workload by eliminating unnecessary paperwork and automating routine HR procedures, they actually empower and engage employees by giving them more autonomy and control.
    For example, in B force System ,employees are in charge of their own profiles, eliminating the need for your HR staff to upload photos or type in contact information for hundreds or thousands of employees or be bothered ongoing changes and updates to personal data.
    All HR documents and forms are available in a single location, preventing unnecessary trips to HR or accounting office. Because customization request forms are integrated with workflow, unnecessary paperwork is eliminated as filing, requests, approvals and notifications can be handled electronically inside your intranet.