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    CDWS Membership Portal
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    Tourism & Hospitality
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    1. Introduction

    CDWS Membership Portal helps the Chamber of Diving and Watersports (CDWS) delivers a personalized web experience, based on each user’s Roles and Responsibilities for CDWS employees and CDWS customers (known as members), within a single point of access to the information, services, and public website profiles.
    Presenting simplified usability and administration, increasing users’ response and reduces paper work and daily tasks heavy costs. Integrating workflows and content management.

    2. About CDWS Membership Portal

    The mission of CDWS Membership Portal is to allow CDWS Diving and watersports centers and diving and watersports professionals to apply for and manage their membership and information online through a common website.
    With a fully functional membership portal, CDWS offices now simplify membership and auditing processes and eliminating redundancies from the paperwork and manual data collection and improving CDWS work efficiency.
    With services ranging from Membership registration and renewal to managing public website profile, CDWS wanted an online experience that was personalized for members and professionals as well as simplified with a single sign-on for streamlined services.
    In addition to being visually impressive and easy to use, CDWS membership portal hosts a wide range of activities for both CDWS members and CDWS administration, making it even easier with online payment integration and SMS and E-mail instant notifications.