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    Alfa 3D-Scape Holo Display
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    The presentation of Architectural designs and plans are often as important as the plans and design themselves. An impressive and accurate model can make the difference between winning and losing a contract and for most architecture projects, it is important to attractively and accurately present 3D form and function in iterative reviews.
    3D visualization can give architects and clients a real idea of what the structure would look like, presenting precise dimensions and finely rendered structural information.
    Benefits of a Hologram

    Alfa-Scape Holograms can be rendered from CAD models that Architecture clients already produce for 2D renderings and animated fly-through. It’s a natural extension of the technology.

    Quick Turn Around Time: You can go from a 3D model to a 3D hologram in less than 7 days
    Portable and Easy to Archive: Easy to carry, slip into a portfolio or ship anywhere in the world
    Cost Effective: Less expensive than physical models and rapid
    True 3D: Glasses-free 3D – enjoy a 360-degree viewing range.
    Field proven: Thousands of unclassified images have already been utilized by the US military for visualization and defense planning applications.
    Multiple copies: Unlike physical models, you can easily produce multiple “leave behinds” for clients, investors and other stakeholders.
    Easy viewing: Illuminate the hologram with a simple halogen or LED light source, no special viewing equipment is required.
    Portable and durable: Our holographic prints are easy to ship; the prints come with protective coatings for durability, and they can be marked on and rolled up and taken in the field.

    Reliable archives: Our three-dimensional images are “version proof” and store flat, so you can refer to them years later — without the need for a computer or specific software.
    Full-color or monochrome formats: Complex information can be displayed with brilliant detail, transparency and color — and feature greater accuracy than physical models.