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We are specialized in the field of computer and information technology since 1993 , our goal was to service agencies and companies in the field of software (desktop application), Hardware and also create websites. The establishment of this company to meet the Egyptian market and the Arab needs of these services, and already we had a head start in programs that serve the construction industry in Egypt and the Arab world production, in addition to a group professional programs that serve the commercial, industrial, service and proven sectors in the market for more than 15 years. In the area of ​​e-marketing and technology solutions company characterized by professionalism and experience that make them one of the leading companies in this field. So we specialize in: 1. Business description, analysis and design of software and databases and applications of all kinds. 2. The work of production and development of software and applications and the creation of databases and electronic information systems up and running and training. 3. Production various e-content of voice and image and data. 4. Data entry on the computer and electronic means.

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